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Interview with a backpacker: Summer Camp USA

Interview with a backpacker: Summer Camp USA interviews Tace Bleasby about her gap year experiences with BUNAC, working at Summer Camp USA.

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Working holidays in the USA - What you need to know

Working holidays in the USA are a bit different to working holidays in New Zealand, Australia and Canada and are usually done in the summer working in summer camps. It’s a great way to combine volunteering and other activities with travel for an amazing gap year. So here’s our guide on everything you need to know about working holidays in the USA.

BUNAC Summer Camp USA

Gap year company profiles - BUNAC

These days there are so many volunteer abroad and gap year companies out there that it can be quite daunting and confusing to know which one to choose. Last week we featured the volunteering company i-to-i and gave you the lowdown to help make your decision easier. This week we’ll be focusing on BUNAC.

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Travel Tales: "I walked through a wet forest whilst covered in leeches"

India is full of surprises, as backpacker Sarah discovered

Backpacker Sarah Ward chats leeches, monsoon weather, chilli for breakfast and clubbing in Mumbai - and everything else than happened on her Indian gap year adventure!

Interview with a local: An insider’s guide to London

London guide local interview destination

We chat to Cat Hughes, the mystery traveller behind's Secret London blog, to get the best travel tips direct from a local Londoner. Discover things you never knew about the UK capital...