Gap year ideas with a difference: Antarctica


An Antarctic gap year will be truly memorable

Taking a gap year has become an incredibly popular thing to do, with many young people hoping to gain a new perspective on the world by travelling before or after university. Even those already in jobs have started to look into career breaks to get in on the action.

Geneva: amazing road trip destination

Geneva: a gap year destination guide

There's nothing quite like hitting the open road on your gap year, and if you're planning to do so in Europe then Geneva should definitely be on your itinerary. Below, you can find out all about experiencing this amazing city on your year out.

Plan a road trip for your gap year

With the road ahead - a guide to seeing the world by car

So you have decided to take a gap year and now you are trying to sort out all the practical details. This can be a particularly fun part of the process, as well as one that takes a certain amount of time and dedication.

Gap years for science geeks

Gap years for science geeks

Whether you're taking a year off after your A-level results before going on to further education courses or you just fancy a sabbatical from work, a break from the stresses and strains of exam preparation and the workplace can do you the world of good.

It's great fun discovering Marrakech's souks

An overview of Marrakech’s top street markets

When you jet off on a gap year, one of the main attractions is bound to be seeing and experiencing different things as you travel. If you’ve got your sights set on Morocco as a potential destination, don’t miss out on exploring its incredible souks.

Exploring Europe by car

Spending a few months or more touring Europe is a classic way to spend your gap year. To give it your own twist, you can hire a car and give yourself far more freedom to head wherever the wind takes you - something we'll be telling you more about today.

Top Spanish cities for a sunny gap year

A gap year is a fantastic opportunity to get out in the world, learn something new, do something good or simply get a taste of a different way of life. Choosing the right experience for you will depend on where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there.

Top cities for beer drinkers to visit

If you love sampling new beers when you travel and want to plan a truly epic gap year, forget about jetting halfway around the world to far-flung destinations and instead spend your time in Europe, tasting plenty of amazing brews along the way.

Toulouse has great nightlife thanks to its huge student population

The gap year traveller's guide to Toulouse's nightlife

All gap year travellers like to let their hair down after dark, with the chance to experience nightlife across the world being one of the most rewarding and memorable aspects of any globe-trotting adventure. The south of France is a great place to kick off your year out, and the vibrant nocturnal scene in Toulouse is something not to be missed.

Skiing with a group of friends is a great way to enjoy your gap year

Group skiing on a gap year

Gap years are all about action and adventure, so taking a trip to somewhere mountainous for a few days of downhill fun is always a great idea. The only problem with skiing is that it can sometimes be pretty expensive and complicated to organise - but you could find that travelling in a group can help you overcome both of these problems.

Piazza dei Miracoli is a must-visit

Cultural sites not to miss on a gap year tour of Pisa

If you're intending to travel around Italy on your gap year, Pisa should certainly be one of your stops. The city is home to some great cultural attractions that you won't want to miss, especially if you're keen on exploring some of the nation's top monuments.

Toulouse is great for art lovers

A guide to Toulouse for creatives

For many people, going on a gap year is a good opportunity to work out exactly what you want to do career-wise. If you think you'd be well suited to a role in the creative industries, consider heading to Toulouse for a little inspiration.

Have an Indian adventure on your gap year

Take a year out in style in India

In the process of planning your gap year? We think one of the top destinations to choose is India, because here you can get a taste of a totally different culture. If you've never been before, you should focus on travelling around the so-called Golden Triangle.

Alicante is a great place for a night out

Top European cities for a party lover's gap year

While gap years provide a great opportunity to become more cultured and well-rounded as a person, they also offer the chance to let your hair down and really let loose, and everyone knows that nocturnal activities are an essential part of any year out. With that in mind, it's important to plan a route that will take you to locations that offer not only a rich and fascinating culture but also a vibrant party scene.

Travel Tales: "I walked through a wet forest whilst covered in leeches"

India is full of surprises, as backpacker Sarah discovered

Backpacker Sarah Ward chats leeches, monsoon weather, chilli for breakfast and clubbing in Mumbai - and everything else than happened on her Indian gap year adventure!

Interview with a local: An insider’s guide to London

London guide local interview destination

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